Got your hands on an iPhone 12 and curious about how creative you can get with it? In case you missed it, we previously shared some fun mobile photography experiments for turning the everyday into something extraordinary. Next, you might also want to play with the beautiful colors, shapes and textures of flowers and foliage through iPhone 12 photos and videos.

The video above was made by Apple in time for celebrating spring’s colors and growth. But you can definitely carry out these experiments whenever you feel like it. Once again, James Thornton and Donghoon Jun of Los Angeles-based creative studio Incite to demonstrate three amazing projects using flowers, fruits, plants, some everyday materials, lamps, a tripod, and of course, the iPhone 12. Each of these experiments showcase great use of the smartphone’s capable Stop Motion, Slo-mo and Time-lapse modes, with impressive results! We like how the creative duo did so in ways we probably never thought about doing with a smartphone!

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