Since spotting the Instax Mini Evo review of our very own John Bradford, I’ve been thinking about upgrading my 20-year-old Instax Mini 20. Of course, another option is to grab one of those Instax Mini printers or ZINK photo printers. But it’s hard to pass up on Instax Mini cameras when they keep getting cool features for a reasonable price. I don’t think I need a lot of convincing now. But for good measure, I continue to look up more reviews. If you’re on the same boat, allow me to share one of my latest findings.

Ben of In An Instant shares his insights and sample snaps in the in-depth review above. He raised some really interesting points. As with any Instax camera, the nostalgia factor is still there, even if this model is packed with a lot of modern features. However, he said it’s more of feeling nostalgic about the digital point-and-shoot cameras of the early 2000s. With what I’m seeing so far, I have to agree.

Knowing that Ben leans more with the analog/film side of things helps. He makes it easier for a film photographer to evaluate if this new model is worth a space on the camera shelf. Haven’t given any of Fujifilm’s past hybrid Instax cameras a thought? I think this new model can be particularly persuasive. Based on Ben’s review, looks like the Instax Mini Evo got the right mix of film and digital goodness. Admittedly though, if you’re after pure analog instant photography experience, this isn’t really the camera for you.

Did you already grab this new Instax Mini camera? Do you agree with Ben’s findings above? Share your thoughts and shooting experience with us in the comments below, or in our group discussions if you’re already part of the Photofocus Community!