Vintage Polaroid cameras remain popular among film photographers despite the rarity of compatible instant films. The older the model, the more difficult it is to get film for it these days. But, knowing Polaroid fans, someone among the DIY crowd is bound to come up with an ingenious solution. Many of them indeed rose to the occasion, even creating contraptions for converting a 1960 folding Polaroid camera!

Canada-based Noah Henderson, who runs the Analog Resurgence channel and works at Film Labs in Toronto, came across one such contraption. In the video above, he featured a camera back designed for shooting Instax Wide with the Polaroid 110B. The Lo-fi and DIY 3D-printed back attaches to the camera without permanently damaging or altering it. It even has a motor that ejects the print with a push of a button!

The Polaroid 110B originally used the Polaroid Picture Roll Land film, which was discontinued in 1992. As such, tools like this camera back breathe new life into these folding Polaroid cameras, and make instant photography more interesting today.

Of course, Henderson also took the Polaroid 110b with the Instax back equipped out for a spin. So, if you’re curious about both the camera and how it fares with Instax Wide film, he got those covered for you!

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