Winter is full of interesting details that are perfect for macro photography. So, if you want to diversify your winter photography, consider squeezing in a macro shoot as well. It’s a great way to make the most of your chosen location after shooting some portraits or landscapes. It also makes for an effective creative exercise in case you need some practice with macro!

For some cool ideas, let’s take a look at what photography enthusiast and graphic designer Robert Bishop was able to capture with his Nikon Z 7 and Sigma 105mm f/2.8 macro lens. His insights may also be particularly interesting if you’re curious about how this lens performs.

As we can see in his shoot, he paid special attention to the frosty details present in the scenes he found. He also briefly described the techniques he used, particularly focus stacking. His snaps also show some interesting ways to incorporate pops of color against the mostly pale and muted location. Just because it’s winter and everything is blanketed in snow doesn’t mean you’re limited to predominantly white images!

Are you currently doing a winter macro photography project? Do share some of your snaps in our group discussion if you’re already part of the Photofocus Community!