Many photographers prefer working with natural light for the various moods and effects they bring to a scene. It works great for different kinds of photography. But to get the best results, there’s more to it than shooting in Golden Hour. We also need to be able to make the most out of the light available. Fortunately, UK-based Kyle McDougall shares five techniques that he found effective for creating stronger natural light photos.

For some context, McDougall shoots mostly landscape and environmental photos. As such, most of his works are shot with the available light in his chosen location. Still, many of the tips he gave also works for other kinds of photography. These include using the right light for the subject or mood that you want to capture, taking note of the direction of the light that falls on your subject and integrating high contrast subjects into your composition.

He doesn’t consider these as hard and fast rules for shooting with natural light. For him, these are more techniques that he picked up along the way, and noticed were effective in the kind of photography that he does. Hopefully, these will also work great for you and help elevate your natural light photography!

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