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How I got the photo: Spooky ghost on a swing set
Six tips to capture autumn colors
Don’t be like me: How not to smash your lens and knees
How to find the Milky Way
Mobile Mondays: The amazing app for clouds and weather, day or night
How I got the photo: The Car Forest night photo
How I pack for night photography — tips for organizing your camera backpack
How I got the photo: Comet NEOWISE
How I got the photo: Ojo Oro Arch Milky Way
Road trip! How to find the best places for dark sky night photos
How I got the photo: Owens Valley Radio Telescope Milky Way
How did I choose my night photography ball head?

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How I got the photo: The Car Forest night photo

I wanted a vivid, bold composition of a subject that had been photographed a fair amount by other night photographers. This was photographed at a desert art installation known as the International Car Forest of the Last Church outside Goldfield,

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How I got the photo: Comet NEOWISE

Although I do night photography, I usually don’t photograph specific celestial events. But I had never photographed a comet before, and I couldn’t stay away. Planning the location Finding where the comet would be visible was simple since it would

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fall trees reflections

Photographer of the Day: Michelle

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Michelle Photo: “A Reverie of Dreams” The color in this is magical and I love how it practically glows. The gorgeous still water reflections give this the perfect symmetry. Add in that person standing there and you have an

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mushrooms in the forest

Photographer of the Day: Ritxy

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Ritzy Photo: “Untitled” Color, composition and all that sparkly bokeh, what’s not to love about this shot? It’s a lovely up close and personal look at nature in the fall. We tend to focus on the changing leaves and

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photo of the day

Photographer of the Day: Paul Sanchez

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Paul Sanchez Photo: “Sutherland Falls, Revelstoke, BC Canada” This image just made me feel like I was standing right there, listening to the waterfall, feeling the mist and breathing in the fresh air. I love the way Paul framed

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Exposure Tactics: Mastering exposure with Kevin Ames

Exposure Tactics: Mastering exposure

This Exposure Tactics post explains what a “technically proper” exposure is and how to get there. Remember I said technically proper, not creatively right. The three photos above are with different exposures. Each one brings out a different feeling or

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Mind Your Own Business: New year, new plans!

Welcome to Mind Your Own Business, the podcast that helps photographers improve their business and their lives! Today Skip and I have a detailed discussion about what photographers can do to make 2021 (and 2022, actually) better than ever. “Growth

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Going wide with 24mm for street photography

For many photographers, 35mm is the ideal focal length for street photography. However, if you’ve ever been curious about wide you can go with your choice of lenses for this genre, the quick video above by Pierre Lambert will give

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Five exercises to help you see

We are all photographers. Phones. Tablets. Cameras. Every one of us can at almost any given moment take a photo. The question is how can you make your images different from anyone else’s? “The real voyage of discovery consists not

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