Are you bored about your work or feel that it’s not going anywhere? Do you feel unsatisfied with your progress? Before you get to the conclusion that your gear is holding you back, make sure you watch today’s photography inspiration first. A mentor may just be what you need to get better at your craft!

In the video above, Ted Forbes of The Art of Photography talks about why you should find yourself a photography mentor if you don’t have one yet. While it’s now a lot easier to learn the how-tos and technicalities of photography, it’s often not the case when it comes shaping your own vision and creative voice. This is something that a mentor can help you with. They don’t have to be famous or high-profile personalities. What is important is that you look up to them, you respect their work and you respect what they have to say about your work.

Sure, you can always get the opinion or inputs of your friends and family. But you won’t really be sure if they can give you an objective or unbiased perspective. You can also take classes and workshops, but you can only get tips and inputs from the instructor or teacher during the duration of the classes. Having a mentor will not only let you get long-term expert advice. You’ll also build a lasting connection and relationship that will help your photography in many ways.

Do you already have a photography mentor? What’s the greatest advice they’ve given you so far? Share it with us in the comments below or over at the Photofocus Community discussion groups!