When you’re working as a professional photographer, it can sometimes be draining when you’re mostly shooting for clients. This is where personal photography projects will help. Doing one will not only keep you motivated to stay creative, but will also allow you to further develop your shooting and storytelling style.

To further inspire you, UK-based landscape photographer Simon Baxter explains in the video above why it’s important to take on a personal photography project. This especially refers to long-term ones, if you haven’t done so in a while. There’s nothing wrong with pushing to shoot singular images that would instantly wow your audience. But, as he also beautifully explains, there’s something more deeply rewarding and meaningful in creating a body of work that “warrants more than just a passing glance of admiration.”

Maybe it’s time for you pick up a past project that you’ve shelved. Or, plan another one if you want to challenge yourself. Once you get the ball rolling, don’t forget to share your project with us over at the Photofocus Community!