“Street photography is an activity made for extroverts, there’s no doubt about it,” said Canadian street photographer Ivan Chow in the video above. It’s easy to see why. We only have to turn our attention to some of the most iconic figures in the history of the craft. They show us the quintessential image of an “outgoing, confident and loud individual” with a camera chasing shot after shot. Still, that doesn’t mean that the genre is a stranger to introvert street phoographers.

If you consider yourself one, the Chow insights may resonate with you. Love the craft but struggling a bit? His ideas might even help you out. Otherwise, your curiosity must be egging you to find out what goes on in the creative mind of an introverted street photographer.

Among the most important key takeaways from his video is how introverts already have a powerful ability for street photography: a knack for observation. “You’ve been practicing this consciously your entire life and you don’t even know it,” he noted. All you have to do is to apply that to your street photography, he added. But of course, that still requires plenty of practice.

Another insight that I found particularly interesting is that introvert street photographers shouldn’t necessarily go out of their comfort zone just to get better photos. The mere fact that they’re out there taking street photos is already “way out of your comfort zone.” They don’t need to do anything outrageous or against your nature; all they need is to be self-aware and comfortable to take photos to the best of their abilities.

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