Category: Street Photography

Photograph: Untitled by Dean Holland

Dean Holland’s Untitled image is a great example of a “decisive moment”, as the man looks away from his phone to take in the scene before him. We all know how much technology affects our lives, so many of us seem glued to our smart phone screens instead of seeing the world around us. This ancient architecture had the power to pull him away from his phone for a moment, his engagement with the beauty of it makes you want to be there seeing it as well.

The composition makes good use of light, lines, and texture, as the side lighting from the alley on the right perfectly illuminates the building he gazes upon. Every surface has a different texture with a different type of light on it, the choice of black and white accentuates the textures and gives you a sense of the age of the place. The strong shadow on the ground also becomes a leading line, drawing you from the alley and man across the frame to the wall.  

My favorite street photos often leave part of the story untold, letting the viewer fill in the rest with their imagination. Ultimately, what appeals to me most in this image is it leaves you with a question. In his wanderings through this area, what was it about this spot that made him stop, and peer up? I think that by leaving the viewer with that unanswered question, it becomes that much more engaging of a photo.

Originally shared on the Photofocus Flickr group

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