It’s interesting how a year later, this video feature by NBC Left Field still rings true. In fact, it has been case for all the younger photographers around the world who have been ardently shooting film in the last two decades.

“Search for the hashtag #FilmIsNotDead on Instagram and you’ll find more than 14 million posts from users all over the world,” the story said. It’s a fact that may still seem strange and unbelievable at a time when we can get near-perfect snaps with a tap on the screen. And yet, film — in all its slowness and limitations — remains very much alive today, just as the hashtag says.

Why do we still love film in the age of instant gratification? Why are the prices for film cameras and film stocks going up? What does this outdated technology provide that digital doesn’t? If you’re among those who are still scratching their heads and wondering whats up with the film photography resurgence, this video likely holds the answers for you.