Cine films like the Kodak VISION3 have been popular among photographers looking to get the moody cinematic look for their film photography. Yes, as the name indicates, it’s a motion picture film stock beloved and still used by filmmakers today. It’s one thing to get our hands on this and shoot with it, and another to process it with the required developing chemical.

In the video above, Shane Taylor of Framelines breaks down the process of developing this famed emulsion using an ECN-2 kit for home developing. Since we can’t take Kodak VISION3 rolls to a regular film lab, this is the only way to safely develop this film. If you’re already a seasoned home developer, this should be somewhat familiar to you. Otherwise, you might want to take a look at beginner DIY developing tutorials as well to get a better grasp of the tools and the basic developing process.

Part of the ECN-2 process is removing the Remjet layer with a pre-bath, something that conventional film labs today aren’t able to do. Only after the pre-bath can you start with the usual developing process, much like how you do with regular color film.

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