Have you been doing film photography for quite some time now? Chances are, you’re ready to either upgrade your gear or invest in useful accessories. If budget is a major consideration, the latter is your best option. There are actually plenty of film photography accessories that won’t put a dent on your wallet. Some of them you’ll find especially useful during a shoot; others will come in handy if you’re also doing some film developing at home.

In the video above, Canada-based Kyle McDougall shared his top 10 film photography accessories and why they are essential parts of his kit. These include the usual items like camera straps, cable release and gaffer’s tape. However, he also thew in some tools that you might want to note down if you plan to do minor repairs on your lenses. His list also expands to great additions to your home developing kit, such as changing bag, loupe and light pad. 

Of course, every film photographer will have their own tools of the trade. So, is there a cheap film photography accessory that you think should be added to his list? Drop them in the comments below, or in our film photography group discussions if you’re already part of the Photofocus Community!