It would be best if you acknowledged ignorance, and I don’t mean to acknowledge the people that you find difficult or tell people they’re ignorant on Facebook. What I mean is realize that there is a lot left to learn. 

Set reasonable goals

I talk to people all the time who are so confident in their knowledge. The challenge here is that we have a just in time learning society, people don’t actually know stuff. They go to YouTube and look it up, and this isn’t very good. Not to say that YouTube can’t be a resource. I occasionally go there and look things up too, but if you don’t study things and really know them inside and out, you don’t know what questions to ask. 

You don’t know if it’s the right answer. You don’t know where to begin, and you waste so much time. Plus, when put on the spot, you really think that the client wants to sit there and watch, you stopped to look something up. Are you going to get the shot? If you have to pause every time to check something on the internet, you need to take the time to really study things and learn them. So it’s crucial here that you are self-aware. Set some reasonable goals for yourself about continuous education. Try to complete one to two books a month or two to four video courses. This is going to help you learn new things.

Know that you know less than you know

Realize that you know a lot less than you actually know. And even at this point in my career, having written 40 books, I’m always amazed at what I don’t know. What I can learn by taking the time to sit down with others and watch their presentations or listen to their ideas. Always be learning. To succeed, you have to be adding new skills and knowledge every day. It really comes down to this. You feel like you are healthy and robust, but that iceberg really has a lot below the surface. So while this looks huge and massive, there’s so much more that you don’t know and this is really where it stands

Always be learning

Even though you may feel like there’s a tremendous amount that you do know, there’s a lot more below the surface that you don’t see or don’t yet know. And acknowledging ignorance is the first step to self-awareness. 

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