Sometimes proof matters. A lot of the tools you work with offer certification programs so you could take a look at software certification. 

Professional certification

There are professional certifications. I’m a certified project management professional. That creativity is combined with real-world business sense as well as the ability to manage complex projects. That has landed us so much work.  Because not only do I have this certification, we’ve woven project management throughout our business, and this means that clients trust us. We continue to get more significant projects.

Software certification

If you are thinking of software certifications, there’s a lot out there, and companies like Adobe and others often offer two different levels — an expert level and an associate or an introductory level design for recent graduates.

Now you might be thinking, why do this? It’s all about the portfolio and who you know that’s true. Still, eventually, two candidates are going to emerge that both have significant portfolios or work samples, and both have excellent references. It’s the professional certifications and the technical certifications that let people know that you really know your stuff. 

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