In my opinion, it has never been a better time to be a creative image maker. Not only are the tools for creation becoming more sophisticated and plentiful, but the opportunity to post, share and have your work noticed has never been easier. I am a huge advocate of social media of all kinds. I was an early adopter and I love it all. I embrace much of that landscape and am an active participant on many sites and platforms.

Case in point.

I recently joined, which is a fantastic site full of amazing images created by immensely talented artists. I posted a couple of images that were selected by the editors as Editor Choice. Here is one of the images chosen. It is an image of the late great aerobatic pilot, Greg Poe, buzzing the water over Cabo San Lucas.

Less than a week later I got a letter from the editors of Digital Photo Magazine (the largest Photo Magazine in Europe) saying that they saw the image on 500px and wanted to run it as a double truck in their magazine. Here is the cover and below is that actual double truck.


As you can see, exposure of this magnitude is priceless. Having images published and shared across blogs, Facebook, Twitter and other web sites is an unprecedented way of building a following and getting noticed by art buyers and potential clients.

One more example of the power of posting. Here is a screen shot showing the comments and likes generated on the 500px site. This sort of exposure was unthinkable only a few years ago.


So I encourage you to find sites and safe outlets that post your style of images. Include postings into your daily routine. Share your work and get your name and art out there. It is a game changer.

To check out more of Greg Sim’s work, see his portfolio .