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Greg Sims

Photo of the Day: Sports

Category: Sports Photograph: by Greg Sims Originally shared on the Photofocus . A great sports photo not only captures the action, but also shows the focus of the athlete. Greg’s

Meet Photofocus Contributor: Greg Sims

Some artists are born with a beautiful artistic eye, and others are very knowledgeable in the techniques of photography. This particular photographer possesses both characteristics and we are more than

Removing Color Casts

I want to share this really great way of removing a color cast from your images. This can be pretty tricky especially with portraits. You know, when your subject’s skin

The Beauty of Available Light

I spend a lot of time working with strobes. As a commercial advertising photographer I find myself in many situations requiring some pretty complex lighting solutions. Don’t get me wrong,

Non-Destructive Stamping (Cloning)

As a commercial advertising photographer that specializes in composites, I am continually developing my skill set to allow for easy unlimited tweaking of the images I create.When developing complex visual

Living in The Unknown

I love the mindset that Ansel Adams lived by in his professional career. He was a true pioneer of photography as art. Being a forward thinking innovator, he endlessly explored

Replacing Bad Skies in Post

We all have tons of images that could be so much more compelling if it weren’t for that blasted dull sky. You know that giant gray nothingness that seems to

The Practice of Pre-Visualization

As far as I know the great Ansel Adams coined the idea of pre-visualization. In its basic form, it is the idea of visualizing the final image at the moment

The Massive Power of Composites

I truly believe that the demand for composited images has only begun to emerge in our industry. From a purely conceptual standpoint, composites offer our clients the unprecedented ability to

Never Underestimate the Power of Posting

In my opinion, it has never been a better time to be a creative image maker. Not only are the tools for creation becoming more sophisticated and plentiful, but the

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