We’re big fans of printing our images here at Photofocus. While viewing photos on social media is great, something just shines when you make a print. Whether you’re using the XPozer system or printing on your at-home printer, this new masterclass from Joel Grimes is the perfect starter kit to get you going.

Joel’s Photo Prints Masterclass will teach you how to best show off your photographs on a wall, and inspire you to start printing right away! Along with master printer George Kondogianis, you’ll learn everything from getting the image ready and screen calibration, to paper selection and final tweaks.

They’ll also discuss the value of the print and why photographers should embrace printing, advanced printing in Photoshop, the business of print making and much more!

For a limited time, you can save $140 and get started with printing for just $57! Click here to get immediate access to the class today!