Have you put up some photo prints for sale on your website but aren’t getting much sold? It’s most likely because the photos you used don’t have a high placement value.

In the video above, Atlanta-based photographer and video maker Evan Ranft gives his insights on what it means for a photo to have a high placement value — or the high probability that people will want to display it in their home or office. It’s mostly subjective, and it may take some time for you to identify which of your photos have a high placement value. But, if you’ve already sold a bunch of photo prints, it may be worth it to study what made them sell with the placement value concept in mind.

Ranft also mentions that your brand identity as a photographer or creator also plays a role in your print sales. It’s important that your audience knows what kind of photography you do, and in turn, that you know what makes them pay attention to your work. “You’re more likely to get sales when you print something that resonates with the audience that you already have,” he added.

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