Fine Art America is a wonderful service. But it’s easy to get lost in the millions of artists who are members. Here’s how to help make it work for you.

What is Fine Art America?

Fine Art America is a fulfillment house with centers around the globe. You supply the art and they supply the selling platform and the finished product made with your art. They produce wall art, including prints, on many different media, including canvas, fine art paper, metal, acrylic and tapestries. Framing is available as well using archival materials.

The front page of my website on Fine Art America

They also print home décor including pillows, throws, shower curtains, coffee mugs as well as phone covers and clothing. You post your work and they have it on the website, print, ship and guarantee the quality and satisfaction of the purchasers.

How do you make money?

When posting your art you price your work for various products and sizes. You set your own price. You set the value. I can’t stress that enough. Fine Art America then adds the cost of producing the work. This would be the same basic price which you would pay most printers and framers but at a discount. This is added to the price you set. That is the price the client pays.

Fine art america bob coates art
An e-commerce page for framed art on Fine Art America

Searchable artists

If you depend upon just uploading your images to Fine Art America and waiting for the orders and money to come in save your time and energy. Getting your art found and selected from among the millions of artists and over 25 million pieces of art and design is pretty slim. That is what faces you. But there is an additional way to make Fine Art America work for you.

Bob Coates collections on Fine Art America
Six of my 17 Collections, aka Galleries, shown on Fine Art America

Personal website option

For $30 each year, Fine Art America has an enhanced private website option in which only your work is searchable. You will still be out in the sea of artists on front side, but you will have a cozy little website all your own. A URL where you can drive traffic to your work.

This is an amazing deal. All the e-commerce and coding is built in. To create something similar and stand-alone would cost loads of time and money.

An Instagram post created by Fine Art America to help make marketing easier

In addition, Fine Art America has a widget you can add to sell from your own website.

You will need to market and drive people to see your work. This is the key to selling success on Fine Art America in my opinion. Marketing your work through various channels such as Facebook, newsletters and email is a necessity. Fine Art America has tools that will help you with that as well which you can learn about on their website.

You can check out my personal Fine Art America website here where you can see how I have personalized it. When you do a search for black and white, for example, the search will only return my images.

If you have additional questions drop them in the comments below. And don’t forget to check out all that Fine Art America has to offer!