Times and technology have changed drastically since IPPAWARDS launched in 2008.

So I sat down with Kenan, the founder of IPPAWARDS, and asked some questions that you might be wondering yourself.

  • Can you tell me about IPPA?
  • How did you first come up with the idea for IPPA?
  • What does the process look like for photographers to submit their work?
  • Do you have safeguards in place to ensure photos come from iPhones?
  • What does the judging process look like?
  • What does the winner receive?
  • Istvan Kerekes from Hungary won the grand prize for 2021.  Can you tell us about his work?
  • I noticed that Istvan photographed his winning photo on an iPhone 7, when in 2021 we are already at the iPhone 12 level. Have you seen any notable changes in the work being submitted over the years as a result of iPhones progressing in the photography realm, and accessories.

In the conversation, Chase Jarvis’ Best Camera App, as well as Moment Lenses, come up related to influencing creativity over the years.

So without further ado, enjoy the interview, and then head over to IPPAWARDS and submit your work for the next contest.