The “I edit your photos stuck at home” vlog is based on my post-processing workflow … with YOUR images! In this second part, you’ll learn tips on editing that you’ll be able to use right now.

If you haven’t checked out part one, click here.

I edit your photos stuck at home, part two

In the next video, we’ll go through these images — from the original file to my final edited version.


  • An adorable kitten picture, by Alexandra
  • A breathtaking surf image, by Marie-Pier
  • A rescued underexposed wedding portrait, from Nadia

Join us!

I’m inviting you to send me one or two personal photos that you would like to have edited on the “I edit your photos stuck at home” project. It can be a cell phone picture, a JPEG or — in the best of worlds — a RAW file. (If the RAW files are too large to be sent by email, I suggest that you use WeTransfer.)

Every kind of image is welcome: Portrait, animals, architecture, sport, landscape, macro, etc.

Along with your file, please include these following information (this will help me share properly your story):

  • Name 👋
  • Where are you from? 🌍 (City and country)
  • What type of photography do you like to do? 📸😍
  • What’s the story behind this special image? 💜
  • How long have you been doing photography? 🤓
  • Is there a Facebook and/or Instagram account I can tag you in?

Please send them at [email protected].

Let’s stay safe and connected

Being all stuck at home doesn’t mean we should stop doing what we like to do. I’ve always enjoyed the creative process of editing. Taking advantage of this free time to keep on working on my skills allows me to give back to the community as well.

I hope you are all healthy and safe at home. Keep on sending me your photos and in the meanwhile, you can watch Part one here. Stay tuned for part three!