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Photographer of the Day: Cathy Seaver

Category: Sports Photograph: Cathy Seaver “Dressage” Cathy captures the beauty of horseback riding in this sharp, gorgeous image. The lighting here is spot on — giving depth to the horse’s

Doting Doe by Seth Patterson

Photographer of the Day: Seth Patterson

Category: Nature Photographer: Seth Patterson Title: Doting Doe Babies. Is there any other subject that makes people go “Awwwwww!”? Yes. Animal babies; more so when we see animal parents in

Rasta Aquarium (5) by Christian Meermann

Photographer of the Day: Christian Meermann

Category: Nature Photographer: Christian Meermann Title: Rasta Aquarium (5) Nature is full of patterns. Some fixed; some flowing. Meermann’s lovely detail shot of sea anemone captures both the fixed patterns

Migration 3 by Rob-Dweck

Photographer of the Day: Rob Dweck

Category: Nature Photographer: Rob Dweck Title: Migration 3 With fast-moving animals, a wildlife photographer must make a conscious choice: freeze or blur. Freeze delivers tack sharp images; blur delivers abstract

A Young Reindeer by Karim Sahai

Photographer of the Day: Karim Sahai

Category: Nature Photographer: Karim Sahai Title: A Young Reindeer I know summer is almost here, but how about a little Christmas magic? When I first saw this image, I thought

Goldfinches feeding before the snowstorm by Ric Rus

Photographer of the Day: Ric Rus

Category: Nature Photographer: Ric Rus Title: Goldfinches feeding before the snowstorm Overall execution is spot on, but that is not why I chose this image. In a word, dynamic. If

Serena Hodson – Photographer of the Week

We’ve all seen those adorable children photographers that dress up their subjects in hats and costumes and put them in fun yet highly trendy and somewhat overdone props. Although the

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