Using the right backdrop is a crucial part of your food photography setup. Fortunately, there are now many options readily available from most photography supply stores. But if you want to add a personal touch or customize it to your specific needs, you always have the option to make your own backdrops. Today’s tips will give you some great ideas!

Early this year, Skyler Burt of We Eat Together shared a bunch of ways you can easily make your own food photography backdrops at home. There are many different materials for this, but wood is a great choice for starters. You can style them in different colors, textures and finishes for different looks and moods. You can also make them in different sizes so you’ll always have one that best fits your project.

Of course, aside from food photos, these custom-made backdrops will also be handy for other uses like product photography and social media flat lays. Neutral colors make great staples for all kinds of props and food items, so make sure you have a few of those in your collection.

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