Sometimes, the best way to get better at editing photos is to familiarize yourself with the software you’re using. For today, it’s about how to quickly fix boring food photography using Adobe Photoshop. Knowing which adjustments and techniques are available to will allow you to transform any food photo into a mouth-watering masterpiece.

In the video above, UK-based professional photographer and educator Karl Taylor demonstrates how to easily turn a drab food photo into a professional-looking image. As he noted, the aim of food photography is to make your mouth water. So, if the shot isn’t enticing enough to make you want to grab a bite, something must be lacking or needs to be enhanced.

Now, here’s where his quick editing demo comes to the picture. He shows us how to use tools and adjustments like saturation, contrast, burn and dodge, levels and a bit of cropping to elevate a food photo. With enough practice, you should be able to make these quick edits in 10 minutes, just as Taylor did!

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