Been shooting 35mm film for quite some time now? You must be wondering if it’s about time for you to step up to medium format film. It’s definitely something that all film photographers in this day and age want to try and experience. But is this progression really for you?

Hopefully, Canadian film photographer Kyle McDougall can help you come to a decision with his video above. His goal was not to discourage you to try out medium format film, but to simply inform about some of the realities that come with it. So, he breaks down some of the benefits and challenges that you’ll most likely encounter. Some of these you must already have heard about if you’ve already done your research.

In addition, he also mentioned other details that may ultimately help you decide if it’s time for you to switch to this format. These include the change in aspect ratio and lesser room for spontaneous shots. All these will definitely change your workflow and take some time getting used to. Still, he also noted that these aren’t inherently negative factors, but will just require you to put extra work in re-learning.

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