Why should you try AfterShoot? For starters, it’s free to run it through its paces. There are even parts of it that stay free if you like. When you want to activate the more robust features you can do it at your leisure.

Why AfterShoot?

Artificial Intelligence, AKA AI, is making some wonderful inroads in helping photographers with their work. Probably one of the most time-consuming, non-fun, activities is culling your work. AfterShoot can take a lot of the drudgery out of the process while you go enjoy a cup of coffee.

aftershoot menu culling settings
For each cull, you can dial in your preferences for how the software sorts your images.

Designed for people photography

The initial thrust of the software was for wedding photographers. People who photograph weddings have to work their way through thousands of images. AfterShoot knows to look for the ‘best of’ from your captures. Using the AI it looks for expressions, focus, closed eyes, camera shake and more. All of the parameters can be dialed in to suit you. No longer do you have to make all the tiny decisions and can get right to the meat of your images.

aftershoot results image at sound bites grill
From a live stage shoot. Did a nice job of finding closed eyes and blurred photos which happen often when photographing live events.

Yep, it also works for family sessions and business portraits. The software also looks to see what images would be the winner shares on social media. Again you can dial in how tight you want the software to choose. The software also ‘learns’ your choices as it analyzes how you make selections.

Also useful for other genres

As a wildlife photographer, I have a similar problem as wedding photographers. I can come home from a shoot of the sandhill cranes at Bosque del Apache NWR with thousands of images. Some are just out of focus. Some blurred with movement. Many similar images from a burst. I gave it a chance to cull for me from some past wildlife trips and was pleasantly surprised with the results.

aftershoot results bosque del apache NWR
Works pretty darn good for wildlife. Helps sort blurred images.

Weirdly, I sometimes want images with intentional blur for artistic reasons. I can find a folder of those images all grouped together for a head start on those choices.

Getting better all the time

I’m looking forward to changes as AfterShoot is constantly updating and improving its software with feedback from users. I was already pleasantly surprised by a recent upgrade which improved the speed of the operations. I already thought it was fairly fast and had no complaints.

Yours in Creative Photography, Bob