I recently wrote an article about capturing portraits in natural light. I mentioned things like sticking to the basics, looking for even light, and using a reflector. But what happens when things don’t exactly go to plan … but you got a killer shot? That’s where Luminar Neo’s RelightAI comes into play.

Shadow and highlight recovery

Often when working in deep shade, with bright sun, we get areas where seemingly most detail is lost. But we can often recover this detail with some super clever AI and programs like Luminar Neo. Especially if you shoot in RAW (the file type, not clothing-optional type).

Using RelightAI on outdoor portraits

Jump down to the creative section and select RelightAI. You can then adjust the brightness in the foreground (Brightness Near) and the background (Brightness Far) and even adjust the depth between the two. Click on the drop-down menu of advanced settings and you can remove halos, and add varying degrees of warmth near and far.

Luminar Neo RelightAI

Just remember if you want to make any adjustments to that layer to pop into the Edit tab and adjust from there, otherwise, if you click on RelightAI you will add another layer to the existing one.

Luminar Neo RelightAI — Edit tab

Before and after

I must say, after a few quick adjustments I have recovered all the shadow areas without adding that horrible graininess that appears when you try simply boosting the exposure or shadows in Lightroom.

Create the photos you imagined, with Luminar Neo

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