One of the coolest features in Excire Foto is facial recognition. It works quickly and efficiently and seems to return reliable results.

With your photos loaded and analyzed by the program, turn your attention to the icons on the upper right of the screen. Finding by keyword and the Find Faces options are very useful and always available.

Find Faces

When you click on Find Faces, you will be presented with several options. These include how many faces the photo should contain and the estimated age of the people in the photo.

The area with the slider control is what sets this apart from the keyword search. Whereas the top two areas will return photos that are tagged with those keywords, the slider controls let you pick how dominant the face attributes should be during the search process. This will refine your results.

If you are only searching for photos with one face, the slider can only be on male or female (obviously). But, when looking for photos with multiple people in them, you can weight the slider toward more males or females to get more targeted search results. The same goes for the smile slider control.

Find People

When you select a specific photo in the program, the Find People button on the upper right becomes available.

When you choose this option, the Find People window opens and a box highlights the face(s) in the selected photo. You now have the opportunity to search for the face of that selected person in the rest of your photo library. In addition, you can select if you want eyes open or closed and a smile or no smile. Your search will then return images that include that person only presenting the attributes you selected.

This is a great way to easily find numerous photos of a person by just selecting one photo as an example. With a large photo library, Excire Foto’s facial recognition can save you valuable time finding the content you need.

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