When capturing a creative photo, learn to look past what you currently see and focus on what you want the photo to be. I used this concept while capturing “Shipwrecked.”

My vision included stars but I wasn’t willing to invest three hours waiting for nature to work her magic during an unusually cold night on Florida’s east coast. Here’s how I used Luminar 4.2‘s AI Sky Replacement and AI Augmented Sky to complete my vision.

Step 1: Develop the image

AI Accent is my go-to tool when developing an image. One slider applies the changes I would normally use. I further enhanced the image by removing some of the blown-out highlights on the model’s dress.

Step 2: Apply a star background using AI Sky Replacement

I chose to use Galaxy 2 that ships with Luminar, but you can add your own sky if you like. I tweaked Closed Gaps to mask around the many ropes and wires of the boat. The rest of the settings, Luminar already selected using AI technology.

Step 3: Adding creativity with AI Augmented Sky

Part of being creative is knowing when to stop. The image looks very good at this point, so I could stop here or add one more tool — AI Augmented Sky. Select an element and add it to the image. I chose to add Fireworks and then moved it into position by choosing Place Object.

Step 4: Adding a Luminar Look to blend the images

Here’s where we blend the effects together. Create a New Adjustment Layer and choose a Luminar Look. I like how Mood Enhancer ties the sky, fireworks and the subject together. The effect was a little strong so I lowered the amount to 53 percent.

The next time you are out capturing creative images, ask yourself what you want the photo to be and decide if it’s easier to capture it in camera or using a program such as Luminar.

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