This morning, Skylum announced an update to Luminar Neo, which brings the much-anticipated MaskAI feature to the program. Luminar Neo 1.0.6 also brings bug fixes and a histogram to help photographers adjust exposure.

“Luminar Neo in its initial conception is a product designed to solve the problems of photographers. I believe that with MaskAI we’ve hit that goal. The technologies behind MaskAI help creators cut the time it takes to do manual masking and give them space to experiment and express themselves through compelling images,” said Ivan Kutanin, CEO of Skylum.

The update will be released starting today.

AI-powered masking for quick, easy selections

MaskAI is built to eliminate the tedious and time-consuming task of manual masking. MaskAI not only recognizes the main subject of an image, but automatically detects separate elements in a photo, like people, skies, architecture, transportation, plants, water, mountains, natural ground and artificial ground.

Skylum has also announced that more elements will be added in the future.

When you press MaskAI, Luminar Neo automatically detects all the elements that are present in your photo. You can then apply the mask by pressing the appropriate button for the element you want to mask. Additionally, the Mask Actions tab lets you show, fill, clear, copy, paste or invert the detected mask.

MaskAI works alongside the manual Brush, Radial and Gradient Masks that are already available in Luminar Neo, meaning you can adjust the mask if necessary.

In addition to a library of free Overlay content, using MaskAI, you can design and save custom Overlays to be used across your body of work.

MaskAI also lets you selectively apply tools to your photos, including Denoise, EnhanceAI, StructureAI and Supercontrast.

Pricing and availability

For a limited time, Skylum is offering special pricing on Luminar Neo:

For current Skylum customers, you can also get Luminar Neo (1 seat) with a free Film Grain texture pack for $54.

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