This morning, Skylum announced another feature for its upcoming Luminar 4 software, set to ship this fall. AI Structure will take advantage of content-aware technology, enabling photographers to add detail and structure only where necessary.

The announcement follows the reveal of AI Sky Replacement, a tool to help photographers replace skies automatically.

Previously, adding more Structure, details or clarity to images meant that photographers would get unpredictable results with very little control. If a person was present in an image, it would often add more detail to their skin, which was unwanted. Traditional tools also have the tendency to add noise and halos to images.

“This technology is truly one-of-a-kind — it’s unmatched in the world today. AI Structure is a tool that will make your photo not only expressive, but also help to transform it from flat to dramatic,” said Skylum CTO Dima Sytnik.

With AI Structure, photographers can take advantage of Skylum’s content-aware algorithms to automatically enhance a photograph’s Structure without negatively impacting certain objects. The new machine-learning technology boosts hidden details and improves local contrast, making for expressive and natural results. AI Structure automatically identifies objects like people and their faces, skin, sky, buildings and more, and improves the intelligently — instead of globally across the photograph.

There’s also a special Structure Boost control, allowing photographers to make for extra detailed shots.

Luminar 4 is set to be released this fall. Pre-orders are now available on Stay tuned to Photofocus for an in-depth first look at the AI Structure tool.