It has never been easier to make eyes pop in portraits using Luminar 4. You can use it as standalone software, or as a plugin or Smart Object filter in Photoshop.

As a Smart Object in Photoshop

Open your desired image in Photoshop and then make a duplicate copy (Control + J or Command + J on a Mac). You can then right-click and select make Convert Smart Object.

The beauty in using Smart Objects

The beauty of using Smart Objects if you double click it you can again access it in Luminar, not need to re-edit. You can still change the blend mode or that layer’s opacity and you can even add a layer mask.

AI Portrait Enhancer in Luminar 4

The AI Portrait Enhancer in Luminar 4 allows quick and easy editing of things like skin tone, eye whitening (remember to keep things subtle), removing dark circles and more. I really do recommend a light touch with most of the sliders. Don’t forget that cool Improve Eyebrows tool, too.

Using Dodge & Burn in the Professional panel

No need to fear the Pro panel — a quick and easy tutorial on the Dodge & Burn tool will have you up and running in no time. Check out the video at the bottom.

I put together a little video tutorial on how to achieve all this, enjoy!

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