In this article, I’m going to show you an example of how I use the AI tools found in Luminar 3.1.0 to enhance landscapes and in particular, how the new Accent AI 2.0 filter does a much better job than the original Accent AI did. We’ll also take a look at the AI Sky Enhancer, Foliage Enhancer and Sunrays filters, which also use AI (artificial intelligence) to enhance their results with your photographs.

So what’s different about Accent AI 2.0 over Accent AI 1?

What I’m seeing is that Accent AI 2.0 does a much better job at analyzing the photograph and enhancing the areas of the photograph more selectively. It has gotten more intelligent at enhancing details and colors within the photograph without it looking artificial. The other thing I like is that if Accent AI 2.0 doesn’t find it can it improve an object in the photograph, it leaves it alone. You can find even more information about how it works here.

What’s the visual difference?

I’m such a visual person that seeing the specs of what’s improved is helpful, but I need to see what it looks like. With that in mind I’m going to show you the impact these filters have on a photograph, so you can see for yourself. Of course, I suggest you download the free trial and test it with your own photographs and see how it works for you and then decide.

First, I’m going to show you a direct comparison using a DNG RAW photograph from my Inspire 2 drone with X5S camera using only Accent AI and Accent AI 2.0. Then I’ll add other AI options in Luminar 3 to finish the photograph with comparisons at each step.

In the photograph below I’m am comparing Accent AI to Accent AI 2.0. I based the amount setting on what was most pleasing to my eye.

AI Sky Enhancer

The AI Sky Enhancer works very well. In fact, I’m sometimes surprised at how well it works and how fast it is. In particular how fast it is compared to how long it would take me to create a similar look. Why is it so good? The filter uses “hundreds of thousands of images with different amounts and different types of the sky” to evaluate the photograph and determine what is sky and what isn’t and how much adjustment to apply to each part of the image. You can find even more information about how it works here.

So next, I’m taking the previous image with only the Accent AI 2.0 applied and adding AI Sky Enhancer to the photograph.

Foliage Enhancer

The Foliage Enhancer filter is a powerful tool for bringing out the colors and details of my landscapes foliage. Now, this is a filter that I use sparingly because as good as it is, I still find it applies more saturation and color to my photographs than I prefer. So I will often apply it at a stronger setting and then using the brush tool, I will paint it on, little by little until it pleases my eye. For me, this is how I get the best results from this tool. You can find even more information about how it works here.

In this next photograph, I’ve used the same settings for Accent AI 2.0 and AI Sky Enhancer and added a bit of the Foliage Enhancer.


The Sunrays filter is a very cool filter for adding just a touch of sun glow all the way to more powerful changes in light and adding the rays of the sun can really change and enhance the look of a photograph. Like the Foliage Enhancer filter, I find that I most often with use the brush tool (see example below) to apply exactly how much I want to the image. You can find even more information about how it and other filters here.

I also find that the Sunrays Filter works well with some photographs and not with others. I tried it on the example photograph I’ve been using and didn’t find a combination that looked good to me. So I found another of my drone photographs and I’m using that for this example. I’m also applying a bit more than I would normally, so you can easily see the effect of the filter.

So there you go! You can see that Luminar 3’s AI filters can quickly and easily help you to enhance and create beautiful photographs. But don’t take my word for it. Download a free trial and see how it works for you on your photographs and then decide.