This morning, Skylum introduced another more new features coming to this fall’s release of Luminar 4 — AI Skin Enhancer and Portrait Enhancer. These new tools will enable photographers to further develop and improve portraits, using machine learning to speed up the process.

Previously, photographers would have to spend time selectively editing or masking their photographs. With Luminar 4, the software’s machine learning technologies do the hard work for you, taking a process that could last several minutes, or even hours, and completing it within a matter of seconds. Furthermore, the adjustments can be synced with other photographs, with the technology adapting itself to each photograph.

“Being able to enhance portraits is a skillset that our customers have been asking for,” said Alex Tsepko, CEO of Skylum. “AI Skin Enhancer will provide automated skin retouching, removing things like blemishes helping to smooth the skin, while Portrait Enhancer will bring customizable tools to help create professional portraits like never before. A photographer can unlock the beauty of an image in seconds, which means there’s no reason to not get the best from every photo.”

AI Skin Enhancer

With AI Skin Enhancer, faces and skin are automatically detected in each photo. The tool allows photographers to automatically remove various skin imperfections such as acne, freckles and moles. It will also help to smooth the skin, without touching skin pores or other small details like hair and eyelashes.

The tool allows for a person’s skin to be retouched automatically. But at the same time, photographers can retain complete control through various sliders within the tool.

Portrait Enhancer

Portrait Enhancer is a collection of tools that can target the following adjustments to improve a photo of a person:

  • Face-aware Lighting: Adjust lighting for a face that doesn’t impact the rest of the photograph.
  • Eye Improvement: Enhance and make a person’s eyes more expressive and sharp, as well as whiten pupils.
  • Dark Circle Removal: Easily remove dark circles or shadows below a person’s eye.
  • Red Eye: Remove red eye problems caused by flash.
  • Face Contouring: Make the face thinner.
  • Eye Enlargement: Increase the size of a person’s eyes, especially helpful during situations where your subject might be squinting or not yet fully awake.
  • Eyebrows: Thicken and darken eyebrows for better framing of the eyes.
  • Lips and Teeth Enhancement: Bring more color and depth to a person’s lips, and also whiten a person’s teeth.

Portrait Enhancer tools automatically target the right areas, and built-in presets will also adapt to each portrait automatically.

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