I would like to show you how I use Accent AI and AI Sky Enhancer filters together to fix a blown out sky. Along the way, I’ll show you a few other neat tricks. I’ve outlined a cheat sheet as a reference after you watch the video. Let’s get started.

First, launch Photoshop and open an image.

  1. Convert the layer to a Smart Object
  2. Launch Luminar Flex
  3. Add both Accent AI and AI Sky Enhancer filters
  4. Start with AI Sky Enhancer and go to an extreme setting then dial it back
  5. Do the same for Accent AI
  6. Look over the image to see how Accent AI can further enhance the image
  7. Add a second Accent AI and apply a filter mask
  8. Finish with the Vignette Filter

Click the Apply button to return to Photoshop.

  1. Double click on the Smart Filter’s blending option
  2. Lower the effect to about 70%

This is just one example of how you can use a combination of filters to edit your images.