I’ve been keeping my eye on this for a while and I am excited that Mosaic has released a huge update. They’ve now added two way syncing from the Mosaic iOS App. This means that if you use an iPhone or iPad, you can now rate and flag your Lightroom photos on the go.


Imagine this… sitting in a coffee shop with a client and doing selects. Or leave your desk and move to the couch and pick out the good ones, reject the bad ones. You can even share your favorite images to Twitter or Facebook. The changes will get automatically added back to your Lightroom catalog when you have an active Internet connection.

Here’s an overview of the new features published by Mosaic:

You can download the app here for free. The mobile plan costs $7 a month and gives you unlimited previews on your device. This means you can take your entire collection with you on the go. If you have one of their other paid accounts, you get the two way sync feature.

The Mosaic app has also been updated with improved metadata syncing. The app now shows:

  • information on the filename
  • capture time
  • collections
  • keywords
  • camera
  • lens
  • exposure
  • focal length
  • ISO
  • flash
  • image size.

The initial syncing of your catalog will likely take a few minutes (as the metadata has to download). Very large catalogs will take a bit longer. After that updates are very quick.

Be sure to also update to the latest version of the Mosaic desktop client here for the new features to work.