I’ve created a free Lightroom preset that you can download. It might just be that I’ve been dealing with record amounts of snow on the East Coast, but I’m definitely feeling wintry.

You can download the preset here from Mosaic (a partner of Photofocus).

Once downloaded, follow these instructions.

  1. Launch Lightroom.
  2. Choose Edit > Preferences (PC) or Lightroom>Preferences (Mac).
  3. In the new window, click the tab labeled Presets (the second tab).
  4. Click the button labeled Show Lightroom Presets Folder.
  5. In the new Finder or explorer window, double-click to open the folder labeled Lightroom.
  6. Double click on Develop Presets.
  7. Copy the downloaded preset into the Develop Presets folder.
  8. Quite Lightroom and Relaunch.
  9. The preset now appears in the User Presets Group on the Presets area. Just look along the left edge of the screen when working in the develop module.

I hope you enjoy… and I promise you I’m looking forward to making one for the warm days of summer.