Image and Post by Rick Sammon

Ill do almost anything for a photograph. However, I will not lie down in freezing water and get soaked without the proper gear. Thats something I can simulate in the digital darkroom while working in my warm and cozy studio.

To create the watery effect in the middle image you see here, I applied a plug-in from Flaming Pear (www.flamingpear.com) called Flood to my original photograph (top), which was taken in the sub-Arctic when the temperature was 35 F. Cool, don’t you think?

The bottom screen grab gives you an idea of all the controls you have when working with this cool plug-in.

Check out Flood on the Flaming Pear site, and download a free demo while you are there.

By the way, I darkened the sky with the Graduated Filter in Photoshop CS4 Adobe Camera RAW.

For more information on plug-ins, visit my Plug-in website: www.pluginexperience.com. Check it out for some cool how-to info.