This morning, Adobe announced a big update to Photoshop on the iPad, focusing on one-tap tools that help you adjust photos in an instant. Here’s what’s new:

Content Aware Fill

One of the landmark features for Photoshop, Content Aware Fill, is now available on the iPad. This easy one-tap step takes any selection and uses AI to fill its contents based on its surroundings.

To use, take the Lasso tool, or one of Photoshop’s AI-powered selection tools like Object Select, to pick an area. Then tap Fill > Content Aware Fill, and watch your selection disappear and blend into your image.

Remove Background

Using a combination of Select Subject technology and layer masking, you can now remove the background from any image non-destructively. Simply open your image and select Remove Background under the Lasso tool, or under Quick Actions on the right-side properties panel.

Select Subject designed for hair and people

With this update to Select Subject, Photoshop on the iPad identifies photos of people, and lets you select and refine small details like wisps of hair and edges of clothes.

When Select Subject is used on a photo, it will automatically complete all the hair and edge adjustments for you. Once selected, it’s easy to use masks and adjustment layers to quickly transform simple portraits into more stunning images.

Auto Tone, Color and Contrast

Some of the most common actions on Photoshop for desktop is opening a photo to run a combination of Auto Tone, Auto Contrast and Auto Color. These commands are now available on the iPad, offering one-tap solutions to correct tonal issues or color imbalances.

To use, tap the Auto commands from the Filters and adjustments icon on the right side.

Font browser

The new version of Photoshop on the iPad offers access to more than 20,000 Adobe Fonts from directly within the Type tool, as well as the ability to load your own custom fonts.

Other additions

In addition to the above updates, Photoshop on the iPad now has the ability to rename cloud documents during editing and syncing cloud documents on-demand. You can also view pins and annotations left by others on documents you’ve shared from the Commenting panel.