The team at ON1 has just delivered ON1 Photo RAW 2018. In fact, it just dropped today.

It’s a big release that has a lot of people interested.  At Photofocus, we’ve asked five of our writer to dig into different aspects of the tool and tell you what they think.   We know that a lot of you are looking for new alternatives for your photo editing workflows.

If you want to try the software out for free – click here.

What is It?

ON1 Photo RAW 2018 is a major update for ON1 users.  For those who haven’t tried the application before, it works in a few ways.  It’s a photo browsing application to visually search and organize.  It offers a raw developing engine. It can merge panoramas and HDR images. It also offers several effects.  One of its hidden powers is the ability to resize images, based on the  Genuine Fractals platform which is quite effective and enlarging photos.

HDR Editing

The HDR editing tools in ON1 allow for merging bracketed photos together.  If working with raw files, the data is preserved as a raw image for a further dynamic range.

Panoramic Editing

There are some easy to use and mostly impressive panoramic tools.  I found that in my testing some very complex images merged great.  The application is slower than Photoshop and Lightroom, but the feature is still in beta.  I’ve got another article publishing today about this feature in=depth.

Other New Features

There are a bunch more features

Here are a few videos to tide you over.

New Color Range Masks


New Luminosity Mask Tools


New Noise Adjustment Brush


If you want to try the software out for free – click here.