Editor’s Note: This post completes our weeklong look at getting more from Perfect Photo Suite. We hope you try the free demo (it works for 30 days) and that you enjoy it. Our goal was to help you learn more about this product. Be sure to check out other articles about this great tool.

A lot of photographers want to get their images printed on canvas. When this happens, you need to either leave a lot of pad at the edges, or better yet create a reflected edge so it can be wrapped around the wooden frame. This creates a pleasant border that doesn’t distract from the original crop.

This process can get a little tricky, but there’s a real easy way to do it. Perfect Resize has an east to use Gallery Wrap feature. Plus it makes sizing to a precise output size a breeze. This tool is part of Perfect Photo Suite or available as a standalone product.

Step 1: Start with a proper aspect ratio.

The aspect ratio of a photograph is the relationship between the width and height of the image. The number before the colon represents the width of the image and the number after is the height. Both numbers represent a relationship, not a specific measurement. In our example we want to create a 20×16 print. The aspect ratio is 5:4. We can either crop the image to the proper size or start with a blank 20×16 inch document.

Step 2: Use onOne’s Perfect Resize Gallery Wrap feature.

From inside onOne’s Perfect Resize, toggle on the Gallery Warp feature and apply these settings.

  • Type:Stretch Soft
  • Thickness: 2 inches
  • Wrap Overlay color: black
  • Wrap Overlay Opacity: 5
  • Check: Add to New Layer

Step 3: Apply the changes

Click Save & Close. Perfect Resize creates a new 24×20 inch image. Whether you print in house or send the image to a print lab, your image will be a perfectly sized 20×16 inch canvas print with a beautiful 2 inch gallery wrap boarder.

This short video takes you through a few simple steps to prepare your image for a Canvas Gallery Wrap print.

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