Today, Adobe announced an update to Premiere Pro which adds new text and shape tools, performance improvements and workflow refinements. After Effects also sees an update, bringing a universal text engine and the latest version of Cinema 4D Lite.

Premiere Pro updates

New search and spell check tools for titles and graphics

Using the new Text panel, you can now search all of the titles and graphics in a sequence and perform a global Search and Replace, along with spell checking. In addition to text searches, clicking on individual graphics within the Text panel provides an efficient way to navigate sequences.

A new universal text engine also lets you easily work with different languages and scripts, even within the same graphic.

New shape tools

You can now add polygons to graphics with precision controls for sizing, and the ability to add and adjust rounded corners.

Performance improvements

New hardware acceleration for Apple M1 Pro and M1 Max systems delivers up to 5x faster performance for 4K and 8K ProRes formats. High resolution HEVC formats are also faster on all Apple silicon Macs running macOS 10.12.

Display technology optimizations on Windows systems with integrated GPUs will see playback performance improvements ranging from 5-40% across all formats. Color Match is now 30% faster, accelerating shot matching workflows, and two more effects are now GPU-accelerated.

After Effects updates

The latest release of After Effects includes the new universal text engine from Premiere Pro, as well as the latest version of Cinema 4D Lite with support for the full version of the Maxon Cinema 4D R25.