After Effects is going to provide a faster workflow! Today in the After Effects Beta, the multi-frame rendering feature is available for testing. According to Adobe, every user should see performance gains! What does this exactly mean?

Multi-frame rendering takes advantage of modern CPU core and thread innovations to allow multiple frames to be rendered simultaneously. Obviously, this increases speed. Right now in beta, you should see faster export via the Render Queue.

You’ll also notice that the progress bar will have three colors. The blue area designates the exported frames. The dark green area represents frames that are ready to be exported or already cached. Finally, the light green section denotes the frames that are currently rendering. Personally, I love the new look.

Image courtesy of Adobe

Multi-frame rendering benefits

Adobe is seeing increased speed benefits across multiple platforms. If you have a system with minimum specs, such as 4–6 cores and 16GB RAM, initial testing shows you’ll be rendering 1.2–1.4x faster. Have a system with 8–10 cores and 32GB RAM? You should be clocking in at 1.6–1.75x faster. And if you have a high-end system, you could be a whopping 2–3x faster.

Image courtesy of Adobe

Put it to the test

Adobe needs your help in testing to truly improve this feature. Test export performance to compare multi-frame rendering against single-frame rendering on your own system and share feedback with Adobe so they can see how the feature is working on your unique system specs.

You can install the beta version today through the Creative Cloud app. It will install alongside the release version of AE and projects are fully compatible.

Down the road

Perhaps even more exciting, Adobe is planning to expand this enhanced speed benefit to Dynamic Link for rendering comps in Media Encoder. This will be absolutely huge for my workflows!

They’ll also bring the support to composition preview and the motion graphics templates for Premiere Pro use. But for now, enjoy trying out this new feature in your beta Render Queue today!