This morning, Skylum released the much-anticipated LuminarAI. Complete with a brand-new workflow that centers around artificial intelligence, LuminarAI brings in several new features that photographers of all levels can take advantage of.

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“LuminarAI will bring an entirely new, non-conventional approach to the world of photo editing, focusing on the results instead of the process,” said Dima Sytnik, CPO of Skylum. “We’ve designed LuminarAI from the ground up to change how people interact with their images. We’re really excited to see what LuminarAI can do for creatives everywhere.”

In addition to the AI-centric tools that users have come to expect from Luminar — including AccentAI, SkinAI, SkyAI, FaceAI and more — LuminarAI adds in additional features for all types of photographers to utilize in their images.

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Smart Templates, driven by AI

At the core of LuminarAI is a brand-new Templates section. This scans your photos and then recommends Template Collections for you to choose from. You can then dive in and select an individual template, and even choose to edit it further.

The great thing about Templates is it recognizes the contents of your photos, as well as any problem areas. Meaning that you won’t get a cityscape template suggested for a portrait image. This helps to speed up your editing process and gets you going right away.

“The built-in AI assistant in Templates sees the relationships between all of the elements in a photo, thanks to 3D depth mapping. Templates are designed with the help of many incredibly well-respected photographers and photo editors, to achieve very specific edits and enhancements to individual components of an image,” said Dima Sytnik, CPO of Skylum.

“In less than two minutes, creators can go from an unprocessed image to 10 or more richly rendered starting points from which to build upon.”

Revamped portrait tools

Luminar was already known for its vast portrait tools. Now they’ve been revamped and added to with some great new features! With the portrait tools in LuminarAI, you can adjust things like iris color, body weight, face light and more.

New to the LuminarAI portrait tools is IrisAI, which we previewed this fall. This lets you change the color of your subject’s iris, as well as add a twinkling light to eyes. Meaning that if you have a dull brown eye, you can either enhance it or change it to a gorgeous, dramatic blue.

Also new is BodyAI, which lets you mold your subject’s body. Depending on the subject, you can add weight, or slim down, when needed. It does this realistically, not overdoing the effect.

Bring a mood to your landscapes

Also new to LuminarAI is AtmosphereAI, a tool that lets you bring realistic atmospheric effects to your landscape images. You can select from adding fog, haze, mist and more.

The great thing is it just doesn’t put the effect all over your image; it recognizes the contents of your images and intelligently places it without any added work from you.

Intelligently crop for a better view

You can also use CompositionAI. This tool not only contains traditional cropping and perspective adjustment tools, but it also contains a magic CompositionAI button. Click this and LuminarAI will recommend a crop for your image, taking into account some of the golden rules of photography.

Still to come …

In future updates, LuminarAI will add two highly-anticipated features. First is SkyAI 2.0, which will bring water reflections to the program’s SkyAI replacement tool. This will also add a thumbnail browser, so you can quickly and easily select the perfect sky for your image.

Also coming is BokehAI, which will let you adjust the depth of field in your image. Unlike current methods found on smartphones, BokehAI works by creating its own 3D depth map. This means it can work on the photos you took yesterday … but also the film photographs you recently scanned into your catalog.

Both SkyAI 2.0 and BokehAI will be provided as free updates.

Pricing and availability

LuminarAI is available as a standalone app on Mac and PC, but can also be run as a plugin for Lightroom Classic, Photoshop and Photos for Mac. Pricing starts at $79 for one seat; you can get your copy at