Our friends over at Mosaic have just released a huge new version of their Lightroom companion app. This app makes it easy to take your latest Lightroom images with you on the go. They have a wide range of plans (even a free one) that you should check out.

What’s new and improved:

  1. The new native app is a heck of a lot FASTER.
  2. Native code means it runs more reliably.
  3. The user interface is much easier to work with.
  4. You can see your photo’s metadata easily.
  5. The app remembers your filter criteria from login to login, and now even hides rejected photos!

Here’s a detailed post from them about all the new features link.

This version of the app lays the ground work for the next update including two way Lightroom sync. Soon you’ll be able to add metadata and organize your images on the go and have it sync back to your Lightroom catalog.

This update affects the iOS app, but they also have solutions for other platforms and web browsers too.