I recently had a chance to review a new ebook and video tutorials created by fellow Photofocus author, Nicole Young. “The Mask” is a 256 page eBook featuring in depth tutorials with step-by-step instructions on how to achieve perfect masking in ON1’s Photo 10 software. The eBook is bundled with presets, full resolution practice files, and 18 video tutorials containing over 4 hours of in-depth masking demonstrations.

The eBook:

The Mask eBook comes in downloadable PDF format which can be uploaded to your tablet for reading on the go. It is divided into sections, beginning with an introduction to masking that is well suited to those new to the technique, and ending with some very creative compositing. Nicole provides a complete list of the masking tools in On1 Photo 10 with thorough descriptions and how to best utilize them. All the directions are clear and very concise without any padded or unnecessary information.

Learn how to change the color of a shirt with "The Mask" eBook and video tutorials.
Learn how to change the color of a shirt with “The Mask” eBook and video tutorials.

The Video Tutorials:

Along with the book, comes over 4 hours of in depth, step-by-step tutorials that are incredibly useful for the visual learner. Since this is the way I learn best, I was grateful to be able to see exactly what the process looked like. The videos generally last between 10 to 15 minutes in length, with the exception of one or two more detailed masking scenarios. Nicole includes detailed and descriptive commentary while accomplishing masking jobs that would be difficult for even the most seasoned photo editor. As every photographer comes to learn, masking hair is one of the toughest challenges to be encountered. In these videos, you will learn how ON1’s many tools can be used to overcome masking obstacles and bring your visions to life.

Some of my biggest pet peeves about video tutorials are the awkward pauses, lip smacking sounds, and when the person has a bad case of the “Umms.” Rest assured, you’ll find none of that in Nicole Young’s videos. The recordings are clear and of good quality, and Nicole has a calm voice that keeps the viewer engaged.

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Recently, double exposures have regained popularity and Nicole takes the time to show how you can accomplish this technique with ease. The eBook and videos provide clear demonstrations on how to mask quickly and apply the exposures together to create this unique look. To round out the lessons, Nicole ends with multiple examples of creative composites, which my husband found as fascinating as I did and ended up watching nearly an hour of videos alongside me.

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If you have ever found yourself struggling to get the perfect mask on a difficult photo, this is the perfect educational bundle to learn how to be up to any masking challenge. The deal can be found HERE in the Nicolesy store. “The Mask” eBook, videos, presets, and practice files are all included for the very reasonably priced sum of $60. However, Nicole has been generous to provide a discount code that will allow you to purchase this must-have educational bundle for $39 until March 24th, at 11:59pm. Just use code: MASKON1 during checkout and you’ll be well on your way to being a masking pro using ON1 Photo 10.