Luminar 3, also known as Luminar with libraries, is available now. Albums is a feature within the folders section of Luminar 3. Learn about its folders in this article. This tool allows sorting and categorizing in Luminar without having to change an existing folder structure.

Luminar albums

Simply put, albums are virtual groupings or collections of photos. Albums are easy to create and use. Select the photos in your library that are to be in the album. Go to the Library panel, then click the + to the right of the word Albums. A new album appears with the entry window highlighted for its name to be entered. The album in this example is Christmas Morning. An album can be created by right-clicking a selected image or images and choosing Album.

Selected photos in Luminar's gallery are automatically added to an album when a new one is created.

Adding photos to albums

Once an album has been created, it’s easy to add photos to it. Click the Library button on the top toolbar to display the Library panel. Select the photos to be added to an album in the Library view. To select multiple photos, press and hold the Command (Mac) or Alt (Windows) key as you click on each photo. Once your photos are selected, click and hold on a selected photo and drag it over the name of the album where it will go. Release the mouse button and the addition to the album is finished. To remove a photo from an album, select the album in the Library panel and choose the image to be removed. Right-click and select Remove from Album or press delete/backspace.

More about albums

  • Albums do not create or delete photographs on the hard drive
  • Moving photographs to albums do not move photos on the hard drive
  • Albums are a great way to sort photos
  • Albums are playlists of photographs
  • Albums do not noticeably increase the size of the library

Albums in Luminar 3 are a quick way to sort photos. As Luminar is advanced by the engineering team at Skylum, this feature along with the rest of the digital asset management features will be even more robust and useful.