One of the groundbreaking features in Luminar 4 is the new AI Sky Replacement tool. With this, you can easily replace skies with just the click of a button, and alter settings like horizon placement, blur and more to make sure your sky looks as realistic as possible.

While the built-in ones are great, did you know you can use your own custom skies, too? Matt Suess has developed a set of 400 high-resolution sky files for you to use. Perfect for real estate and commercial photographers, there are photos of clouds, stars, the sun and even stormy days with lightning. And while these are perfect for Luminar 4, they can also work in any program, as they are standard image files.

As a part of Matt’s sky pack, you’ll receive not only the 400 cloud and sky photos, but also a video tutorial on sky replacement basics. And when you buy now, you’ll also get a video tutorial on advanced sky replacement techniques when it’s made available.

To get a first look at what to expect, check out Matt’s video on adjusting color cast with AI Sky Replacement in Luminar 4.

Travel and vacation photographers will feel at ease knowing they can replace that dreary sky that wouldn’t cooperate with them!

Get started with Matt’s skies, and save 25% with the promo code SKYBOREDOM.