In this video article, using Final Cut Pro X, I’m going to show you how to take a piece of music and using markers, to position the clips to the peaks or places of emphasis in the music, so that the transition between clips has more impact. In addition, I’ll add what is called a connected clip, a clip that isn’t connected to the storyline but connected to another clip, so we can position the clip with greater freedom.

I will also take a clip and do what is called Lift from Storyline, because the music I will be using will be attached to that clip in the storyline and we want to move it to a different starting position. I will use the Trim tool to change what shows at a clip’s starting and ending points without changing the duration of the clip.

You will find my article “Final Cut Pro X Basics: How to organize your clips using keywords and favorites” here.

Now watch the video

Thanks for watching and I hope you found this helpful!